We’ve been designing and manufacturing transformers since 1990. In this part, too, we execute Built to Print and Built to Spec orders.

Power Transformers

We meet aerospace requirements such as MIL-PRF-27 & DO-160. Our transformers have been flying for more than a decade on various aircraft.

Low Frequency Power Transformers

  • Transformer Efficiency: 90% to 98%

  • Operating Temperature: -65°C to +180°C

  • Vacuum Impregnated or Encapsulated

  • Magnetic materials used: Nanocrystalline, Amorphous, Cobalt Iron and Silicon steel

  • Conductors used: Round/Flat Copper Wire, Insulated Aluminum and Copper Foils

  • Thermal Class: Up to Class 220°C

  • Major Application: Power Conversion Systems in Aircrafts & Naval Systems which includes-
    Auto Transformer Rectifier Units and Transformer Rectifier Units 

Transformer Design

Inductor Assembly for 787.JPG

Our Transformers vertical is backed by designers with many years of experience, and the designers are supported by our Sourcing & Design (S&D) team — for identifying optimal material sources right at the design stage.

We use tools such as MathCAD, Ansys, Maxwell and Solidworks FEA.

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High Frequency Switching Transformers


We have designed and manufactured millions of High Frequency Transformers including Wire Wound and Planar Transformers over the past three decades. We use a wide range of standard magnetic cores and custom-designed cores in our parts. We offer high Power-Density Planar Transformers with high reliability and miniaturization. Our designs ensure high efficiency, better thermal conductivity and reduced EMI.

  • Transformer Efficiency: 95% to 98%

  • Operating Temperature: -55°C to +180°C

  • Reflow: 260C peak for 5-10seconds

  • Vacuum Impregnated or Encapsulated

  • Typical Applications: Industrial Equipment, Electric Motor Drives, Power Conversion, Displays, Cockpit Electronics…


Signal Transformers

Our Signal Transformers include Miniature Audio Transformers, Gate Drive Transformers and SCOT-T Transformers. These transformers are used for step-up / step-down, isolating, providing feedback, signal and, impedance matching.

Miniature Audio Transformer


Our Miniature Audio Transformers are used in RF/Audio communication equipment and also Generator Control Units. High Common Mode Rejection Ratio and low Insertion Loss are our key features of our Miniature Audio Transformer. We can offer design variations and different layouts based on customer requirements.

  • Transformer Classification: MIL PRF 27 Grade 5 Class S

  • Operating Temperature: -55°C to +180°C

  • Vacuum Impregnated or Encapsulated

  • Thermal Cycle: Minimum 300 Cycles

  • Major Application: Impedance Matching and used in Aerospace Communications Modules

Scott-T Transformers


Our Scott-T Transformers include input and output Scott-T-connected transformers for Synchro/Resolver Converters.

  • Transformer Classification: MIL PRF 27 Grade 5 Class S

  • Operating Temperature: -55°C to +180°C

  • Encapsulated

  • Thermal Cycle: Minimum 300 cycles

  • Major Application: Motor Control, Radar Antenna Positioning, Machine Tool Control and Robotics


Gate Drive Transformers


These devices are designed to meet extreme low leakage inductance and high isolation with multiple winding configuration. Design techniques ensures low inter winding capacitance and high Self Resonant Frequency with compact size and low weight. 

  • Power Range: 5W

  • Isolation Voltage: 1000VRMS Minimum

  • Leakage Inductance Maximum: 5µH

  • Mounting: PTH and SMT

  • Application Segment: Aerospace and Industrial

  • Application: Isolated Power Converters

Current Transformer

We have designed and manufactured Single Phase and Three Phase Current transformers. Design ensure High Accuracy, Linearity and Fast Response.

  • Operating Temperature: -55°C to +200°C

  • Encapsulated

  • Major Application: Differential Protection and Metering



To mention a few in our range: Switch Mode Inductor (BUCK & BOOST), Common Mode Inductor, Differential Mode Inductor, DC Inductor & AC Inductor.

  • Operating Temperature: -55°C to +180°C

  • Magnetic Material Used:

  • Nanocrystalline, Amorphous, Iron Powder, Ferrite and Silicon Steel

  • Vacuum Impregnated or Encapsulated


Our transformers have been flying on a broad range of aircraft for over a decade.

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