We design & manufacture rotating electrical machines over a wide range of technologies and ratings. We have Built To Spec and Built To Print capabilities for Motors, and we are focused on Aero, Space, and Automotive applications.

We continue to invest in human resources, upto date design tools, and state of the art manufacturing technologies to further our efforts to be a globally respected producer of motors for high-reliability applications.

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Motor Design and Development facilities

Motor Design tools

  • Ansys Maxwell 2D and 3D for static and dynamic magnetic FE analysis

  • Ansys Maxwell RmXprt for analytical design of Motors.

  • SolidWorks simulation premium for:

    • Mechanical FEA

    • Stress analysis

    • Vibration analysis

    • Thermal Analysis

  • SolidWorks standard and AutoCAD for 3D modelling & drafting

  • SPEED for analytical design of Motors

  • Mathcad for analytical design calculations


In-house facilities

  • Clean room, Class 10,000 with Laminar Flow Tables of Class 100

  • Thermovac test, +200° C, 1mbar

  • Thermal test, 300° C

  • Vibration Shaker, 2500kgf, 100g sine/random, 180g shock

  • Test rigs and test equipment

    • Stall / Load test for Motors

    • Friction and Cogging Torque for Motors

    • Speed Torque characteristics of Motors

    • Back EMF tests

  • Standard Motor controllers, up to 150 volts and 150 amps

We use external facilities in and around Bangalore for other tests like Fungus, EMI/EMC, Lightning, Fire Proof, and so on.


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